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Sharing this Solutionary Rail video is the perfect way to introduce your friends to this campaign for a just transition to a decarbonized transportation and clean energy infrastructure. 

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GRATITUDE: Thank you to Joe Panzetta and Sarah Palm Stikkers for all their great work to create this incredibly succinct public education tool and to all the members of the Solutionary Rail team who've propelled us this far. 

In these divisive times, Solutionary Rail is the perfect way to bridge divides and find common cause. Order the Solutionary Rail book today we'll send a signed copy to you or whomever you choose to inspire. Watch the video, get and/or gift the book TODAY!

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  • Marcella Guerriero
    followed this page 2020-11-13 03:25:54 -0800
  • Bob Stuart
    commented 2019-09-19 22:34:52 -0700
    Current railways haul megatons of steel just to deal with buffing loads in the train yard, and are not good for small orders. An electric railway should have each car powered, so only a communications connection is needed. Short cars might add versatility, but I think the best plan is to integrate rail with electronic guideways and road vehicles, either by loading flatcars on the fly or, more likely, by adding steel wheels for intercity use, deployed when there are rails below. Joining a train should be as convenient as pushing a button to merge onto a freeway. A good guiding principle is that no land vehicle should outweigh its average payload. Break the old habits, and don’t use the pre-computer setups as seen in Europe as illustrations. They are too dependent on high volumes, and don’t stir the imagination.
  • Helmut Stange
  • Loren Ford
    commented 2019-02-13 14:09:34 -0800
    The video seems to imply that the Steel Interstate Development Authority has already been developed by SolutionaryRail. The video should be edited to say that SolutionaryRail PROPOSES the same.
  • Bill Moyer
    published this page 2019-02-11 09:06:03 -0800