Save the Amtrak Cascades! Don't Let WSDOT Undermine the Future of WA Passenger Rail

The future of the Amtrak Cascades is being undermined. 

Solutionary Rail and our allies demand that WSDOT's so-called Service Development Plan be replaced with an updated Long Range Plan for the Amtrak Cascades and that it be submitted to the Federal Railroad Administration.

ANY Service Development Plan for the Amtrak Cascades MUST be designed for the maximum achievable ridership, and therefore MUST include the following:

1. Trip time goals of 2.5hrs (SEA/PDX) & 2.7hrs (SEA/VBC)
2. Train frequencies of at least 13 trips per day SEA/PDX and 5 trips per day SEA/VBC
3. Infrastructure improvements to ensure 95% on time performance, including dedicated passenger track with speeds up to 110mph.

PUBLIC COMMENTS CLOSE on APRIL 18, 2024. The time for action is NOW.  


  1. Send a Letter to your WA State Legislators with the easy to use Action Network tool HERE.

  2. Send your comment into WSDOT and other policymakers using this Take Action Tool.

  3. Use the form below to indicate the ways you or your organization can join this emergency campaign to protect the future of the Amtrak Cascades intercity rail service. 

The people in charge of transportation planning from the bottom to the top need to be reminded that their job is to serve public interests - not the billionaires who are gaming the system for their own benefit. Thank you for taking action to make that loud and clear. 

Rail Can't Wait - We Won't Wait Any Longer - Forward Together Now!