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SR-FrontCover-v0929SM.jpgSolutionary Rail is a strategic antidote to the current division in our country and a platform for communication between the many sectors of this society whose lives intersect with the railroads. Here are some ways you can help us leverage this project to build a movement to transform America's railroads and serve the common good.

That can't happen without a broad coalition of allies that lock arms to protect and propel this vision and the public benefit mandates it includes. Solutionary Rail is truly more than a book.  

Solutionary Rail is a people-powered campaign to electrify America's railroads and open corridors to a clean energy future.  Take Action Today!

  1. SHARE our project website https://www.solutionaryrail.org/ on social media, email, and websites.  More promotional resources such as text, images, blurbs, etc. are on our resources page.

    If you "Tweet"  here are some possible messages:
    • There is much to which we must say "NO!" Here's something to which we can all say "YES!" SolutionaryRail.org
    • SolutionaryRail.org provides a path for a unifying populist coalition to deliver real benefits in peoples lives
    • SolutionaryRail.org unites us all! Defeat negative populism with a positive vision that makes a difference in regular people's lives.
  2. Please review the book at Amazon HERE

  3. Take the Stakeholder Survey and get others to do the same at http://solutionaryrail.org/survey2

  4. Pass a Resolution in support of Solutionary Rail - Example Resolution HERE
  5. Organize a Solutionary Rail event or presentation in your town or next organizational meeting.  Email [email protected] for help scheduling a presentation.  
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