Fix Maryland Rail


by Diane Wittner, September 2022 


**Sept 8th video presentation, full working document, resources, maps, slides, HERE**

**Transportation Report, submitted (Dec 2022) by Coalition to MD Governor Wes Moore, HERE **


As a document designed for use by others, my working paper marks the culmination of five years of learning and work. I share my emergent knowledge, resources and seed ideas with sustainability and environmental justice transportation advocates for crafting macro-level transport policy in Maryland. My purpose is to demonstrate that Maryland’s train tracks can and must benefit our communities and economy in this time of intersecting emergencies and opportunities. I propose that we seize this unique moment to invite local, state and federal lawmakers to shape partnerships to rebuild Maryland’s train tracks to benefit Marylanders. Such a dramatic change can begin the fastest, largest and most impactful decarbonization, just transition, efficiency, sustainability, safety and pollution reduction plan. 



Project 1) The state will purchase clean energy electric trains, along with buying, electrifying and modernizing train tracks, crossings and intermodal infrastructure from CSX, in one place, for a pivot to the transport of safe, local, non hazardous goods, rail workers, and passengers. One possible location: the residential, rail yard and ports of/near Curtis Bay, Baltimore into nearby counties. Local stakeholder leadership, research teams, leading local lawmakers, and professional expertise combined can determine the most suitable plan. 

Baltimore City and Region Rail Map

Project 2) With the May 2022 announcement of federal support for The Southern Maryland Rapid Transit Project, the state will pursue this plan. I propose that the state purchase clean energy electric trains, and buy tracks and infrastructure from CSX for clean energy electrification and modernization there. The benefits of this change include safely moving non hazardous goods, rail workers and passengers as well. Also, build a connected rail bridge on the Southern Potomac River, at the Nice Bridge and a pedestrian/bicycle bridge, as per two such bridges planned for the Northern Potomac River from Virginia into D.C. Partner with the Virginia Passenger Rail Authority since they announced: a $20 million grant for the Long Bridge crossing the Potomac River into DC. where a pedestrian/bike bridge and a new rail bridge will be built. Local stakeholder leadership, leading local lawmakers, research teams, and professional expertise can determine the most suitable plan. 

DC, Virginia, Maryland Regional Rail Map

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