Grassroots Ambassador Toolkit

This people-powered campaign needs your help! Will YOU be a Grassroots Ambassador for Solutionary Rail?

To Get Started:

  1. Read the Solutionary Rail (SR) book / Watch the 3-minute video (
  2. Check out the Stakeholder Video Podcast Interviews to learn more from the stakeholders and experts who helped shape the Solutionary Rail plan
  3. RSVP for the bi-monthly Organizing Call
  4. Fill out the Volunteer Form
  5. If you can, please consider making a monthly or one-time contribution (tax deductible) to support the project
  6. Use this Toolkit and start spreading the word!
  7. Contact 206.408.8058 or [email protected] - we want to hear how these Tools are working for you and what additions/changes/improvements are needed. Thank you!


SR Materials Available

If you need help getting printed materials, contact the SR office.


Media: Write a Letter to the Editor (LTE) for your local newspaper.

2. Leverage your constituency: Meet with your Congressperson, State Legislator, or other policy maker (or their transportation/energy staff) - at their local office or in DC.
3. Engage and Inform: Build relationships with policymakers by sharing regular SR News Bites via email
4. Spread the word to the General Public: Staff a table at a town hall event, local farmers market, fair, college campus, conference, rally, or other event.
5.  Present: Organize and/or give a presentation about Solutionary Rail at your organization, student group, local bookstore or library. (The SR Team can give you the tools to present - or we can possibly arrange someone from our Team to attend and give the presentation.)
6. Like to Socialize? Invite some friends and host an informal get together - or host an easy House Party to raise friends, volunteers, or funds for Solutionary Rail.
7. Recruit an Endorsement: Work with your local Legislative District, Town/City Council, labor union, or other group to pass a Resolution in support of SR.
8. Personal Outreach: Email your contacts and let them know about the Project. Let us know who key players are that need a book.
9. Book Distribution: Ask your local public library or bookstore to carry Solutionary Rail.

Title: Solutionary Rail

Authors: Moyer, Bill and Mazza, Patrick

ISBN: 978-0-9980963-0-8

10. Social Media: Like/Follow Solutionary Rail. Share/Like posts and invite your friends to Like/Follow the SR Pages.

Twitter: @SolutionaryRail

Facebook: Solutionary Rail