Introduction to the principal components of the Solutionary Rail proposal


Solutionary Rail is a PEOPLE-Powered infrastructural proposal that requires a broad grassroots alliance to make it happen with the public benefit components in tact.  That is why it is ESSENTIAL that people like YOU understand the key aspects and that you invest in this compelling, positive, and doable proposal.

  1. Solutionary Rail proposes a strategy for shifting the economics of rail AWAY from dependence on moving heavy fossil fuel commodities and freight for exclusively large shippers to diversified high value freight.  It is our compelling "YES!" - an entirely doable vision that provides a win/win alternative to the boom and bust economics of ever-growing unit trains of coal and explosive oil.

  2. Solutionary Rail describes how track modernization, electrification and transmission infrastructure could augment the private rail infrastructure to speed up and increase efficiency of freight and passenger rail in order to draw freight and people off highways and airplanes and back onto the tracks. Increased speed and capacity means better service to communities and producers all along the tracks.
  3. Solutionary Rail overcomes obstacles by creating of a tax-exempt, not-for-profit Steel Interstate Development Authority, or SIDA. The purpose of SIDA would be to initiate a public-private partnership with railroads and other stakeholders in order to issue tax-exempt bonds to finance, build, and operate the electrification and transmission infrastructure.  The SIDA would create a tax-exempt  “public belt” over the private railroad right of way. 

  4. The SIDA's semi-public ownership of the electrification infrastructure addresses the obstacles for private railroads who won't invest in that aspect of the needed infrastructure, despite it resulting in cleaner more efficient trains due to: 
    1. higher cost of private capital - AND -
    2. the property tax burden they'd have to pay on any improvements they owned  

  5. Solutionary Rail creates synergies and removes restraints on the buildout of distributed renewable energy production by opening corridors for renewable energy transmission and for customers for distributed renewable energy produced by communities, utilities, tribes, rural electrical cooperatives and farmers across rural America.

  6. Solutionary Rail is NOT a corporate giveaway but a partnership that invigorates our transportation and energy infrastructure, creates jobs, and serves private and public interests with mandates including these:
    1. secure minimum crew sizes and labor conditions for safer trains and better jobs
    2. return of scheduled freight and service to underserved communities
    3. green the electricity used to power the trains 
    4. resolution of easement issues on tribal land 

  7. AGAIN - This is a PEOPLE-Powered infrastructural proposal, requiring a broad grassroots alliance. It is ESSENTIAL that people like YOU understand the public benefit aspects and invest in this compelling, positive, and doable proposal.

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  • Joel Carlson
    commented 2022-02-09 12:18:21 -0800
    High speed rail benefits Amtrak, buses, etc. because we need a coordinated transportation system and walk-able cities to offset horrible traffic and unsustainable suburbs accessible only by cars. See
  • Loren Ford
    followed this page 2019-02-13 14:25:58 -0800
  • Vernon Huffman
    commented 2017-08-30 21:09:34 -0700
    Why not use Pentagon money to build solar powered, high speed, passenger rail down the middle of every Interstate Highway in the USA?
  • Dexter Lambert
    commented 2017-03-20 10:26:05 -0700
    This is the kind of nationwide grassroots campagning that’s long overdue.
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