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  • Tuesday, June 22, 2021 at 12:00 PM

    History of Rail, Part 2: Regulatory changes of the 20th Century

    Bill Moyer, Solutionary Rail Project Lead, will follow up on George Draffan's June 8th presentation on the early history of rail in the US, with a focus on deregulation and common carrier obligations. He will discuss US Rail History of the 40s to the 70s, focusing on the regulatory backbone of the railroads, deregulation, and a timeline of 20th Century oversight.

    Tuesday, June 22nd

    Time: Noon Pacific / 2pm Central / 3pm Eastern


    This 3-part series, co-sponsored by Railroad Workers United, is to better understand the giveaways of public treasure to the railroad companies, the public-private obligations of rail, and how they have and have not met those obligations.  By learning more about the history of rail and the corporations' patterns of obfuscation, we can more strongly advocate for 21st Century Congressional action, to meet the common carrier demands for today's infrastructure and public works.

    (Don't miss our 3rd installment in this series, a presentation by Steve Chrismer on Amtrak's formation in 1970, its present, and its future)

  • Tuesday, June 29, 2021 at 12:00 PM

    History of Rail, Part 3: Amtrak

    In Part 3 of our series on the History of Rail, Steve Chrismer presents on Amtrak's history, where we are today, and what is needed for a future thriving passenger rail system in the US.

    The privatized freight railroad system currently subjects Amtrak trains to long delays, denying them the priority over freight trains as the railroads agreed to when the federal government formed Amtrak in 1971 to relieve the railroads of their obligation to provide passenger service.  Further, Amtrak’s recently announced planned expansion of passenger trains throughout the U.S. will be severely restricted if these violations of the agreement are allowed to stand.

    Steve Chrismer has worked in freight and passenger railroad engineering for 40 years, has recently retired from Amtrak, and continues to keep railroads on track to deliver products which benefit people and the planet. 

    Tuesday, June 29th

    Time: Noon Pacific / 2pm Central / 3pm Eastern


    This 3-part series, co-sponsored by Railroad Workers United, explores the interweaving of public investment and private profit as related to the US class 1 railroads. We will explore how these common carriers inspired our first regulatory agency the Interstate Commerce Commission. What were the public benefit expectations for that accompanied the monopoly privileges of the railroads? What were they given by the US Congress and what were the terms? Together, we will gradually unravel some of the the complex history that is at the foundation for our present day conundrum, i.e. an interstate rail infrastructure that evades public attention and accountability to 21st public interests

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