Solutionary Rail is a grassroots campaign to electrify US railroads and open rail corridors for renewable energy transmission. We are building an unconventional alliance to deliver win/win solutions for a just transition to a decarbonized energy and transportation infrastructure. 
We hope you will explore our resources and find a way to pitch in as part of our team or by spreading the word to your friends and colleagues. 
Here are some easy ways to get started:
  1. Check out the 3.5 min video SolutionaryRail.org/video
  2. Download a Free PDF of the SR book using coupon code 4WRD2GTHR at SolutionaryRail.org/ebook

We urge you to check out some of our SUPPLEMENTAL materials that update the book and video:

  1. Read our Facts & False Solutions supplemental brief at SolutionaryRail.org/factsnfalsesolutions
  2. Read our Moonshot Modeshift supplemental brief at SolutionaryRail.org/msms
  3. Stay up to date with Our RailBite series addressing aspects of the campaign and the interests of our allies at SolutionaryRail.org/railbites
  4. For a DEEP DIVE into Solutionary Rail - binge watch (or listen) to our Solutionary Perspectives interview series with community and technical experts at SolutionaryRail.org/interviews

Our Solutionary Rail book is also available at IndieBound.orgABEbooksBarnes&Noble and Amazon, but getting the book directly from us provides much needed support for the Solutionary Rail campaign.  We also offer free copy/copies of the book with donations at SolutionaryRail.org/donate

IF you would like to order 10 or more copies to share with others - or - if you are having difficulty with this shopping cart page, then please contact us at 206-408-8058, [email protected]


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