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In these divisive times, Solutionary Rail is the perfect way to bridge divides and find common cause. Order the Solutionary Rail book today we'll send a signed copy to you or whomever you choose to inspire. Watch the video, get and/or gift the book TODAY!

If you would like to order 10 or more copies to share with others - or - if you are having difficulty with this shopping cart page, please contact the Backbone Campaign office at 206-408-8058. (Shopping cart takes a few minutes to load on some devices.) Ordering books directly from us using the tool below or through a donation provides much needed support for the Solutionary Rail campaign. 

When you make a tax-deductible donation to the campaign, you will receive free copy/copies of the book as our way of saying "Thank You!" Donate

Sharing this Solutionary Rail video is the perfect way to introduce your friends to this campaign for a just transition to a decarbonized transportation and clean energy infrastructure, an indispensable component of any Green New Deal.

We just ordered 800 more books and need to ramp up the organizing for this campaign, so NOW is a fantastic time to pitch-in.

  • Sponsor 10 books to elected officials for $150 HERE
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  • Pass a resolution, host an event, have a house party, sign up for our organizing call

Thank you for being a grassroots champion for this people-powered campaign. 

GRATITUDE: Thank you to Joe Panzetta and Sarah Palm Stikkers for all their great work to create this incredibly succinct public education tool and to all the members of the Solutionary Rail team who've propelled us this far.