Solutionary Perspectives: Rural Electrical Co-ops and Solutionary Rail with Patrick Cox

"Solutionary Perspectives" is a video podcast series hosted by Bill Moyer and Diane Wittner, examining the perspectives of Solutionary Rail allies and stakeholders. Bill and Diane recently spoke with Patrick Cox, Ph.D, a sustainability advocate who led the Pedernales Electric Cooperative (PEC) in Central Texas, the largest and now one of the most innovative electric cooperatives in the nation.  We discussed the history of electric co-ops in the US, as well as their future potential as an important part of a decarbonized energy and transportation infrastructure.  Read the full 'Nation' article by Nathan Schneider shown in the video here


Dr. Cox served as Board Director and as President during his 7 year term to bring democratic reforms to the PEC governance and services.  Dr. Cox is also a founding director and former President of the Cooperative Leadership Network (CLN), a national education network for electric coop directors dedicated to clean energy solutions combined with democratic and ethical governance.

Dr. Cox is a nationally recognized and award winning historian who is active in his community on natural resource protection and advocacy for community based and collaborative solutions to our problems.

Few realize that 75% of US landmass is served by member owned rural electrical cooperatives charted in the 1930's to provide power to rural communities. (SEE MAP BELOW).

In the Solutionary Rail book we hint at the potentially vital role these co-ops could play in decarbonizing our power and transportation infrastructure. We asked Dr. Cox to address some of the realities, hurdles and potential of rural electrical cooperatives to move toward renewable energy, decarbonization, provision of clean power to trains and population centers while building sustainable local economies. Check out his reflections on working with electrical cooperatives and innovating within that fascinating sector.

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