Amtrak Joe VS the Modern Robber Barons

Some important media came out this week about rail.  Please take a look:

Amtrak Joe vs. the Modern Robber Barons


This essay beautifully weaves the details of our modern rail dilemma into a call to action. Critics of so-called "Precision Scheduled Railroading" (aka "PSR") and the under-regulation of this critical infrastructure have gathered the evidence to convict this extractive business model. Courage to claw back and reclaim this infrastructure before it is squandered relies on people like us to insist that policy makers put freight railroads back into the service of 21st Century public interests, not Wall St. greed. 

Rail Evangelist (and SR Hive Team Member) Larry Roth wrote an analysis on how Phillip Longman's article echoes Solutionary Rail's platform:

Why We Can't Have the Railroads We Need (Here's Looking at You, Wall Street)

And Matt Parker's excellent essay in Railway Age grounds complaints about PSR in specifics: 

PSR: Can We Please Be Honest Here?

For some basics on how Solutionary Rail is a climate solution, check out Larry's other article published this week:

Here's One Way We Can Act on the IPCC's Code Red Warning

We hope our Solutionary Rail friends will explore how we can take on Wall Street and push for Rail's Common Carrier Obligations (CCO). Check out recent work on this at


Lastly, if you haven't yet used this Action Network tool to send Solutionary Rail and Allies' Letter to your Congressional Representatives, please take 3 minutes to do so by clicking here.  We're trying now to get 200 letters sent - and your help would be phenomenal!

Thanks for being a champion for Solutionary Rail. 

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