SR Update on TCTV with Glen Anderson, November 2019

Glen Anderson, Host of Glen's Parallax Perspectives on TCTV Cable television in Olympia, WA, interviewed Solutionary Rail Project Lead Bill Moyer on the latest developments of the project.

Watch the interview.

Glen wrote up a very helpful 14 page briefing about Solutionary Rail, which includes a summary of the interview, as well as additional links to resources.  Access the information HERE.

To learn more about Glen Anderson's Parallax Perspectives show and website, visit

Thank you, Glen, and the TCTV Team for this in depth conversation and for your help in spreading the word about this plan to decarbonize transportation and energy!

Watch Glen's 2017 interview with Bill for even more perspective on this project.

If you are as excited about Solutionary Rail as we are, now is the perfect time to get the book for you and your friends, discover ways you can spread the word about Solutionary Rail and pitch-in to grow this people-powered campaign.