Thom Hartmann Interviews Bill Moyer about Solutionary Rail

On Tuesday, August 22 Thom Hartmann's show featured a segment on Solutionary Rail.  It was a special honor to be able to talk with Thom about the project. I deeply appreciate that opportunity and am grateful to Thom and his producer for squeezing me in. Please check it out the interview and then share it with your friends and family.

[FYI - my two days in DC were packed with meetings with important potential allies.  It was an honor to be on the Thom Hartmann show this week to speak about Solutionary Rail while I was in DC to meet with a number of important potential allies. I learned a great deal and enjoyed meeting folks at the Democracy Collaborative, NARP (National Association of Rail Passengers), NRECA (National Rural Electrical Cooperative Association), as well as Sam Daily-Harris the founder of Results who has been working with the Citizens' Climate Lobby.  Needless to say, it was a very fruitful visit.]

Does Solutionary Rail excite you?  If so, one thing you can do immediately is pitch-in to help print the book posters and propel the outreach campaign HERE.  Our thank you gifts include the renderings by artist J. Craig Thorpe pictured below.

Once we get the book and art to the printer, we'll be organizing some conference calls to get folks prepped to speak to their communities and elected officials about the project and help grow a broad alliance to support the proposal. If you haven't signed the petition to Gov. Jay Inslee to be a champion for this, then please do. The petition offers an option to volunteer. Please select that option and we will make a special point of making sure you have the opportunity to collaborate on this campaign.

Petition is here: 

If you are interested in helping organize and strategize outreach on this project, please call the Backbone office at 206-408-8058.





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