Hive Call - Update on SE Washington Rail Solutions

Join our next Hive Call to discuss updated findings in our research for SE Washington Rail. Join the team and help take action steps during this critical legislative session.

Thursday, Feb 2

5pm (Pacific Time)

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Updates we'll share, include:

New Map, with Before and After Scenarios.  Access it HERE

Priority to amend HB 1125/SB 5162 on Railbanking Washington State owned Rail between Pullman and Colfax.  We need to tell Legislators, "Do no harm!  Do not amputate Pullman!"

Priority to amend HB 1125/SB 5162 on PCC and allowable spending.

We will share findings on these and why they're important to building a connected rail system that has capacity for meeting farmers' needs in SE Washington, without relying on Snake River barge transport.

Thank you for your interest in rail for the public good and SR's Trains Can Save Salmon project!

Together, we can stop salmon extinction and help build a resilient system that meets freight and passenger needs.

Senate Bill 5162 

House Bill 1125 (Transportation Funding and Appropriation) 

February 02, 2023 at 5:00pm - 6:15pm
Bill Moyer ·

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