Robert Colón on Solutionary Rail and Harmonizing Urban & Rural Landscapes in Florida

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Solutionary Rail hosts a presentation by Robert Colón, a landscape architect, titled: "Ranches to Railways: An Adaptive Framework for Protecting Florida’s Heritage Landscapes in the Anthropocene."

Solutionary Rail hosted a presentation by Robert Colón and conversation with landscape architect  Robert Colón.  The title of his presentation "Ranches to Railways: An Adaptive Framework for Protecting Florida’s Heritage Landscapes in the Anthropocene."  It utilizes Solutionary Rail as inspiration for his work and we are inspired by his. His visionary presentation connects the dots on urban planning, regenerative agriculture, the Green New Deal and more. Grounded in a long historical view of the destructive impacts of European settlement in what is now called Florida, the impacts of racial-capitalism, and the model of development that has further isolated people and communities creating an urban/rural divide, Robert Colón describes this reality and maps a way forward.
We are honored that Robert drew from Solutionary Rail an approach toward solving intersecting problems and applied that approach in a uniquely creative and inspiring, solutionary manner. We all deeply enjoyed his presentation and the rich conversation it catalyzed.
Check it out! It is a uniquely rich discussion and will stimulate your own solutionary imagination for the place you live.





Robert Colón (he/they) is a recent graduate of Florida International University’s Master’s of Landscape Architecture + Environmental and Urban Design program and has been recognized as an Olmsted Scholar by the Landscape Architecture Foundation. He has experience from the urban and landscape design firms Plusurbia and Savino & Miller. Robert completed his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Minor in Biology at Northeastern University and has worked in chemical and medical laboratory research, public health advocacy for people with Type 1 Diabetes like himself, academic publishing, and civics education.

Robert strives to use his unique position to be an effective communicator between the design and technical disciplines and between space makers and their users in order to create both performative sustainability and equity in the landscapes we share. Robert’s lived experience as a Latino, a queer person, and a person with a chronic illness and disability pushes him to challenge the industry’s community engagement practices and to advocate for intersectional community control.

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