Letter to Railroad Press 20190314

Dear fellow fan of trains and tracks, 

My name is Bill Moyer.  I am the co-author of the book Solutionary Rail, a people-powered campaign to electrify America's railroads and open corridors to a clean energy future.  I invite you to also check out our Solutionary Rail project and book. 

 In a country suffering from general ignorance and systematic confusion about trains and railroads, your work is incredibly important. I’ve learned a lot about trains and railroads in the last six years from people like you.  I’m still constantly engaging with folks who know way more about trains than I ever will.  It’s been fun, but I realize now how important it that the general population also get an opportunity to catch up and join the conversation inn a meaningful way. Society can’t afford for rail knowledge to be relegated nostalgic hobbyists. The climate clock ticking and how we use railroads could make all the difference in whether we get out of this with a livable planet, or not. Understanding more about trains and rail needs to be considered a requirement for engaged citizens so that they have what they need to make smart decisions about our shared future.

Confronted by the deficit of knowledge and recent policy debates, the Solutionary Rail project recently drafted a supplemental document to help our team address some of the areas of general confusion in regards rail, faster trains and the decarbonization of transportation. Its working title is simply, Solutionary Rail’s take on Pertinent Facts and False Solutions. I hope you will check it out, utilize the information we provide, and give of feedback on this and the book it supplements. There’s much more work to do.

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