Solutionary Perspectives: Center for Sustainable Economy with Daphne Wysham & Dr. John Talberth

"Solutionary Perspectives" is a video podcast series hosted by Bill Moyer and Diane Wittner, examining the perspectives of Solutionary Rail allies and stakeholders.

In this episode Bill talks with Daphne Wysham an early supporter of Solutionary Rail and Dr. John Talberthboth from the Center for Sustainable Economy. The CSE has been front and center in the campaign to create Portland's No New Fossil Fuel Infrastructure policy, and is now offering a new model for putting a price on the risks of fossil fuel transport.


Read Daphne's full 'The Nation' article here:

Read CSE's Fossil Fuel Risk Bond report here:

UPDATE: Oregon's Land Use Board of Appeals in mid-July 2017. The city is considering an appeal to the State Court of Appeals. See:

More information at: