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[Sign-on Deadline is October 8th, 2021]

Surface Transportation Board (STB) Chairman Martin Oberman is speaking out about a variety of public goods that intersect with the proper stewardship of US Class 1 railroads. As quoted in this article, Chairman Oberman is bravely standing up to Wall Street's short-sighted business model that extracts profits without regard for the public's multiple interests in an accessible, robust, reliable and electrified interstate rail system. 

After nearly five decades of deregulation - to the point of underregulation - we finally have a champion who is willing to use his position to stand up to the private corporations entrusted with stewarding this critical national infrastructure. It is time to clarify, update, and enforce Common Carrier Obligations that align with 21st Century public interests.

Please review the letter below and fill out the form to add your name and/or organization to this letter - and share with friends and allies. Chairman Oberman deserves our support and encouragement to backup his words with strong actions and advocacy. Now is the a moment of opportunity. Let's sound the alarm, raise awareness, and increase pubic aspirations for a US rail system that draws people and freight off the roads and onto the tracks and electrified trains. 

In solidarity, 

Bill Moyer
Solutionary Rail

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