Solutionary Perspectives: Environmental Justice for Fenceline Communities with Angelo Logan of Moving Forward Network

"Solutionary Perspectives" is a video podcast series hosted by Bill Moyer and Diane Wittner, examining the perspectives of Solutionary Rail allies and stakeholders.

From Angelo Logan, Moving Forward Network's campaign director:

"In the last few years diesel pollution has been recognized as one of the most deadly pollutants around. Trains are one of the biggest sources of deadly diesel pollution, spewing their black cloud of soot over communities the country and world."

"Our communities need zero emission trains now! Electric train technology is over a hundred years old. It is time we advance into the 21st century and advance zero emission technology that protects public health and environment. Zero emissions now!"


 [UPDATE: Backbone Campaign is now a member of the Moving Forward Network.  We are grateful to this incredible coalition of leaders for their collaboration and willingness to establish a Solutionary Rail working group within MFN.]


Angelo Logan is the Campaign Director for the Moving Forward Network. He spoke to us during a recent Solutionary Rail organizer call. Angelo grew up in the City of Commerce, California and lives in Long Beach. He is the co-founder of East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice (EYCEJ). Angelo has worked with a wide variety of coalitions to achieve health protective policies, particularly regarding goods movement and Green Zones.

Angelo currently serves with several organizations working to protect community health. He has a vast and hard won knowledge of freight and environmental impacts trains, trucks and ships make on fenceline communities. The work of EYCEJ has resulted victories toward decarbonizing the Port of Long Beach, LA and the Alameda corridor. And there is much yet to be done. We are eager to learn more about how Solutionary Rail may be a valuable ally and resource to fenceline communities fighting to decarbonized intermodal transport and protect the health of their communities.   



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