Save the Amtrak Cascades - Tell WSDOT to Finish the Job!

Finish the Job, WSDOT!

Do not let Washington State Department of Transportation downsize the vision and purpose of the Amtrak Cascades. They are about to do a bait-and-switch that dooms the Amtrak Cascades to a slow and unreliable future. One of WSDOT's excuses for slower speeds and minimal infrastructure improvements is "Ultra will take care of that." But the "Ultra" HSR project might take 30 years - or never happen.

Their other excuse is "BNSF won't let us." But we know that BNSF already signed onto a Master Agreement for the very improvements we are asking for. WSDOT let that agreement expire in 2023.

The public has spent nearly $1 billion to improve BNSF's freight system on this route. The understanding was that the next step would be higher speed, dedicated passenger track for the Amtrak Cascades so that hourly trains could operate on time. And that's what we expect. Tell WSDOT to Finish the Job!

For a deep dive into the history and potential future of the Amtrak Cascades, check out our Amtrak Cascades 2024 Improvement Plan below (or download PDF). Solutionary Rail and our allies commissioned this in-depth report from rail expert Thomas White. It provides a detailed description of why dedicated track and 110mph higher speed track are essential for reliable, robust service that draws people out of their cars and onto the Amtrak Cascades trains. 

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We are asking our Wa State Legislators to clarify legislative intent that the 2.5 and 2.7 hour trip times and service to every station is critical for Amtrak Cascades to fulfill its purpose of making train travel comfortably competitive with driving. 

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