Solutionary Rail Perspectives: Rail Labor with Ron Kaminkow of Railroad Workers United (RWU)

"Solutionary Rail Perspectives" is a podcast series hosted by Bill Moyer and Diane Wittner, examining the perspectives of Solutionary Rail allies and stakeholders.*

Here's our conversation with Ron Kaminkow of Railroad Workers United (RWU) about the history of railroad unions, their fight against hazards such as crew fatigue and single-person crews, and their essential role in a Just Transition to a sustainable transportation and clean energy economy.

Ron Kaminkow is a contributor to the Solutionary Rail book and has advised our project since its beginnings. [An excerpt from the book is below.] Railroad Workers United (RWU) has been a key ally along the way, including as a co-producer of two conferences on the Future of Rail, workers, communities, safety and the environment in Richmond, CA and Olympia, WA in spring of 2015. 

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Solutionary Perspectives: Richard Mabion on Environmental Justice and Intermodal Freight Impacts in Kansas City, KS


This is part of our new podcast series featuring the perspectives of Solutionary Rail allies and stakeholders. Richard Mabion of Kansas City, Kansas is the the founder of Building A Sustainable Earth Community and the  Breaking The Silence conference. He will spoke about his experiences as an environmental justice advocate and the impact of freight and diesel exhaust in one of America's major crossroads.  He spoke about Solutionary Rail as an organizing tool and answered questions from participants.

Thank you to Richard and all those who participated, to the series producer Diane Wittner, and video editor Sarah Palm.

Forward Together!

The Solutionary Rail Team

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Solutionary Rail Perspectives: Environmental Justice for Fenceline Communities with Angelo Logan of Moving Forward Network

"In the last few years diesel pollution has been recognized as one of the most deadly pollutants around. Trains are one of the biggest sources of deadly diesel pollution, spewing their black cloud of soot over communities the country and world."

"Our communities need zero emission trains now! Electric train technology is over a hundred years old. It is time we advance into the 21st century and advance zero emission technology that protects public health and environment. Zero emissions now!"


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