Solutionary Rail


  • Environmental dangers and climate destabilization increased by fossil fuel transport by rail
  • Carbon emissions from trucks and cars causing climate disruption
  • Underfunded and deteriorating highway infrastructure
  • Deteriorating rail service for rural and smaller communities and farmers needing to get crops to market
  • Dangerous working conditions and declining quality of life for railroad workers
  • Public pressure for transition to cleaner, more sustainable economy


  • Transform the economics of rail by building electrified higher-speed rail powered by renewable energy
  • Provide economical, low-carbon transportation by rail
  • Shift freight and passengers from roads to rail
  • Increase capacity, expand and modernize rail transportation infrastructure
  • Build a publicly mandated framework of fairness for railroad workers with railroad owners
  • Begin by electrifying BNSF’s Northern Transcon between Seattle and Chicago


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