Invest in a Decarbonized Future - Help Build Solutionary Rail

The Solutionary Rail project is building, and it needs your help. We just finished another huge multi-city effort to propel SR forward. In early April a delegation met with 16 Congressional offices. In May we worked the Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder meeting, then revisited DC to meet with important allies, and finished in New Jersey to attend a 3-day environmental justice coalition meeting.  We need help covering these expenses. Omaha Action Highlights

Decarbonizing our nation's freight and electrical infrastructure is a huge task, but we are up for it!  Now, several key policymakers are interested in getting this implemented, academics are interested in helping with feasibility studies, and allies are coming on board to get the country on track. 

But we need your help to keep it growing, so we can eventually take this over the finish line.

  • A small monthly donation provides the reliable support we need to show up every day for this work.

  • A one time donation provides a big burst of energy we can use for key moments, like visiting Congress, pressuring Warren Buffett in Omaha, and connecting with stakeholders and allies.

Your support, either monthly or one time, makes a huge difference for this real solution to the climate catastrophe facing us.

Thanks for being a Solutionary!

$1,009.00 raised
GOAL: $2,500.00

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